Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Birthday Ideas

We are quickly approaching Michael's first birthday. EEK!! I have no idea what we're doing! I've been reading all these posts on Baby Center about first birthday ideas, and it just makes me feel bad to not have every detail planned yet! Am I bad or are other mothers crazy?? I think my biggest hurdle is that both sides of the family are quite far away in other states and will more than likely not be here. Soooo...a small celebration at home?? Where Michael can get as messy as he wants?? And we can put him in the tub after? Sounds like a plan.

Then there's theme. (Crickets) I've seen all kinds of elaborate themes, none of which interest me very much. My starting point is the cake. The smash cake to be exact. Do I make a bunch of cupcakes and let Michael have one? Do I make a separate cake for him, like a giant cupcake, a number one, or a puppy? I like the idea of something simple, like cupcakes, but cutely decorated with animal faces, something that will make him squeal with delight. I think I'm getting somewhere...
By the way, since when is the "smashing of the cake" a separate event which takes place before the party in a photographer's studio, aka "smash photos"??? Makes for cute pictures I'm sure, but isn't the primary entertainment of the party seeing t
he baby eat cake for the first time?? I wonder when this new tradition started.

With my niece, we had a simple family gathering at a park. She had a smash cake (a pink 3d kitty that I made from pound cake and twinkies) and a care bear sheet cake that my sister and her boyfriend made for everybody else. It was sweet and simple and very memorable for all those closest to her. The nice thing about being at a park was that cleanup was minimal! Too bad Michael's birthday is in December!

Anyways, I will keep pondering and looking for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite pinspirations so far.

I mean, come on! (Source)

The giant cupcake is adorable, isn't it?

Love the idea of block cupcakes.

I would love to hear about others' suggestions, experiences, etc! I haven't even thought of decor! (Btw, I'm playing with different blogging apps because I primarily post from my phone, so if there aren't any pics in this post, you'll know why.)
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  1. Those are such cute ideas! I kind of think that children's parties have gotten way out of hand and moms can get pretty competitive when it comes down to it. I've been to several parties that had to cost more than my wedding, and they were for kids turning one and two. Seriously, don't feel any pressure to do anything huge, because, at this point, it's really more of a celebration for you and your husband. We did cupcakes for both of my boys' first birthdays, and gave one to the baby. That way, he got to eat it, and make a mess, but it was easy to clean up. I think these days, with blogging and Pinterest and such, we sometimes get so wrapped up in making the memories that we forget to just relax and enjoy them. His day will be great no matter what you do!

  2. Thanks Catherine! Btw my comment is so late because I haven't received any comment notifications! I just happened to open my blog and lo and behold, comments!