Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Like most people, we actually celebrated over the weekend with some kid-friendly activities. Saturday we went to Carytown for some trick or treating and showed up at the same time as the zombie parade.

This was supposed to be a kid-friendly event. Michael handled it well. He was just excited by all the people, zombie or not, kids, and of course, PUPPIES! He did eye the zombies suspiciously, but he was ok as long as they kept their distance. He did get scared by the girl handing out candy in the first shop. She was dressed like a Dia de los Muertos skeleton, which looked really cool, but was too scary for Michael. He screamed his head off! So much for that photo op!

Of course Michael was a pumpkin. But not just any pumpkin...a skele-pumpkin! As you can see from the pic, he had a lot of fun squishing candy bars. He was even lucky enough to pop open one of those wrappers so he could taste a little chocolate. Sneaky.

I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photos of Mommy
I'm sure you've probably read this article by now, about encouraging moms to make sure they are in pictures with their children, with or without makeup or hair done or pretty clothes. If you haven't, I suggest you do. Quite the tearjerker.
I've actually made comments to DH about how few pictures I have with Michael. In the first few weeks of his life, I was mostly in pj's. I wasn't avoiding photos--I did hate how I looked but I still wanted photos with my baby. My biggest problem is that I'm the one taking the pictures! DH kinda sucks at taking pictures,  so the few he does take of me are not good. I've tried to be more mindful, especially if we go do something, I try to get DH to take pictures of me and Michael. It's not fair that he has all these great pictures with him and I don't! And he never tells me if my gut is hanging out or hair is sticking up or giant nursing bra is showing, so yeah, I have those pictures. And I just looked at photos from today--he cut my head out of 2/3 and my face is blurred in the third. I mean, it feels intentional. No one is that crappy at taking photos, right? Moment gone forever.
Since reading this article,  I'm atleast using my smartphone to take my own pics of me and Michael--he gets such a kick out of seeing us on the screen together. If I ever find where my tripod was packed, I plan to set it up and take some better pics of us--playing, at mealtime, bathtime, whatever. I spend so much time with Michael and we have so much fun that I want to make sure he gets that when he looks back on his baby photos.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Dressed and FLYing

I've started a new program to get my house out of CHAOS (can't have anybody over syndrome). I came across a post on Baby Center about the FLY Lady and decided to check it out. It's exactly what I need: an easy, step-by-step way to get my house in shape. We moved into this new house in July and have yet to get fully unpacked or fully furnished, much less clean and decorated, or even fully baby-proofed, which just stresses me out everyday. But I've been so overwhelmed by it all and didn't know where to start. FLY Lady tells you, by taking baby steps to get started, establishing small routines, and decluttering in small chunks everyday. Sunday I'm on day 4. I've shined my sink and I get dressed everyday. Friday I got dressed in a cute pleated polka dot skirt that I thought was navy and realized was black no matter what Target calls it. We also went to campus with DH so I kinda had to get dressed. I've already started to think differently, about how I can make certain areas of the house more organized and efficient. Isn't it funny that just someone telling you explicitly what to do can help so much? I already feel less stressed knowing that I can and will get this house in shape and turn it into a fun and cozy home for baby.

Can you see some of the CHAOS around me in the pic? I'm wearing my red Trinket Flats from Anthropologie and a white tee from Target. No jewelry because Michael will eat it or yank it off.