Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I feel like I'm always fighting with my baby. Today was especially bad. I needed to go to the post office, so I waited until after his morning nap which I always do before going on errands. He hates the carseat, but I can usually coax him to sit with his monkey buddies. Ok. That worked. Small fight. But then he cried all the way there, screamed and fought upon getting back into the carseat, and cried all the way home.

Diaper changes have recently become a struggle. He won't lie down anymore, so I've learned to change him standing up. Except for poopy diapers. He squirms too much on the changing table trying to roll over and stand up. So I put him on the floor. He was not happy with this new arrangement, but he stayed still long enough.

Feeding is just a disaster. He fights the high chair (are you getting that he doesn't like being strapped in?). He fights being spoon-fed, even though I gave him his own spoon and bowl to go crazy with.

He fights naptimes and bedtime. Sometimes he falls asleep nursing which is great. Other times I have to sing and rock him to sleep, so he kicks and fights even though his eyes are half closed. Tonight was pretty bad--of course the longer he fights, the more tired he gets, and the fussier he gets. I hand him off to daddy, but he just cries for me. I have another post on sleep coming up since I've finished reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

When I steer him away from a hazard or remove something he shouldn't be chewing on, he throws his body backward and straightens his legs and sometimes adds a scream. He's so strong (and not little) that I'm afraid he might slip out of my arms!

I'm the one whose home all day, so I'm the one who gets to be the bad guy all the time, and I hate it! Of course we have good times, but on days like today, I can't help but wonder if he just sees me as a mean mommy. I always tell him I love him and explain why I'm saying "no," but is it enough? Does it make a difference to a 9 month old? Will the fighting ever stop? Is this normal? Is it because he's a high needs baby? Maybe the fussiness is because he hasn't quite caught up on his "sleep debt" yet?

Sorry I just realized this is similar to a previous post, but he was just so fussy today! And he started adding this high pitch screech to his cries! I had to write about it. Thanks for reading.

On a more positive note, we visited the in-laws this past weekend and Michael had a blast at the beach! I learned that he needs and wants much more stimulation than he's getting hanging out at home with mommy (if only he didn't hate the carseat so much!). He also slept better than he has in a long time! Once I get the pics processed, I will have a beach post!

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