Monday, September 10, 2012

Beach Post!

For Labor Day weekend, we visited the in-laws and headed to the beach! Michael had loads of fun. He instantly took off crawling toward the water. He would occasionally sit up on one knee and raise his arms to the sky. It looked so funny--we wondered if he was signaling to the seagulls, "here i come"! I think he was trying to stand up unassisted. He's been walking up a storm since we got back (with my assistance) and he's been doing his arm raising thing too. He's also noticing birds more too since he came pretty up close and personal with the seagulls! He slept really well during the trip, and was never fussy during the day. He was so easy-going and loved hanging out with everybody. He can be such a charmer! The beach definitely did him good, and I'm so glad we created this wonderful memory.

Here's a pic of one of the many horrifying sand snacks he had, licking a rock in this case. I couldn't stop every single mouthful so I took a picture.


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    1. Thanks for coming by Christina--I love your blog! He did so love the beach--even on the days when it was a little chilly!